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11/11/11, 11:11


I just noticed.I’ve been alive for 9/9/99, 1/1/1 , 2/2/2 , 3/3/3 , 4/4/4 , 5/5/5 , 6/6/6 , 7/7/7 , 8/8/8 , 9/9/9 , 10/10/10 , and NOW 11/11/11 !!

they said, If you wish this day, 11:11 am or pm, your dream will be true.

I will wish this night. because I will be home alone, I can be myself, and I can think of the things I want. I want to wish of things from my heart.

1 minute.

a hundred wishes.


this is just some of my quick entries. ūüėÄ

P.S. it’S ¬†a red letter day.BUMMER. ūüėź


Your Daily Meme


If i have not yet¬†mentioned¬†this, I have a tumblr account, it’s this.¬† I always see Memes, Comics around my dash, and I always see this :

hmm, let's see: there is Pedobear, Rage guy, Forever alone guy, trollface, smiley, Y U No guy, cereal-eating guy, challenged accepted guy, LOL guy, "okay" guy, f*ck yeah guy, and Others.

Not only on Tumblr, but also on other websites.

It has been like an international symbol for the internet, when you can’t explain what you think you want to say, and you see this memes and you’re like, “hmm! that’s exactly what i want to say.!

sometimes, Memes get me thinking (like philosoraptor)… like this:

Even Obama has a Meme:

hmm.. not bad.. what do you think?








Trashing out the bad habits.


I have so many Bad habits I need to trash.

1.¬†Procrastination- this is a Major¬†Problem¬†in my studies. I can’t stop¬†procrastinating. When I do homework, I’m like “nah, I’ll just do it after I finish using the computer.” then after that, I’ll get hungry, watch TV, take care of my baby brother, and forget it completely until somebody reminds me. (it takes a long time for me to remember some things i need to do especially when I’m very distracted.) When I was in grade school I never¬†procrastinate¬†until we have another “new” computer, I’m always ¬†attached to the it, and forget to prioritize things.


2.Overreacting – this is what my friends hate about me. Sometimes I act so childish, I¬†exaggerate¬†to the part that I’m overreacting. One time the teacher already told us that the field trip is coming up, and she already said the date and the venues. I was so happy I jumped and jumped and screamed like a fan in a rock concert, and my classmates are just staring at me and looked so confused. Another time I saw a frog in our classroom (under my chair)¬†and I was so scared I freaked out and squeezed¬† my seatmates’ hand.

3.copying –¬†no, It’s not copying answers in class, I often copy my classmate on the way they dress or the way they draw. It kinda ticks them off.






I am currently working on my revision of my editorial for my school paper (like I said in my last,last post). 

honestly? ¬†i don’t really like making editorials. you know why? I find it kinda boring. Well It’s ¬†exciting expressing your opinion on social issues but, I prefer feature writing. Features expresses feeling or opinions on a more creative way.Not only by using adjectives and adverbs but using strong nouns and verbs (I got this idea from a teacher). making editorials don’t show much about the creative side of me. I like writing features because it squeezes my creative juices from colors and transforms it into creative words.

My problem is, I don’t have too much experience in writing a feature.¬†Maybe it will just end into a crumpled paper that will be thrown in a dirty bin. In my Journalism days, when I was 4th grade, I attended my first Journalism seminar when it was summer. The principal called my mother and informed her that my teacher joined me in sort of ¬†“seminar for starters”. All of the students from different schools was made to make entries from different categories like editorial writing, feature writing, photojournalism, news writing, copy reading, and sports writing. i got 1st place in editorial writing, feature writing and news writing , and got 8th place in cartooning (I sucked at¬†photojournalism¬†those days..).¬†

I never sticked to one. After that I started off in editorial writing (which went pretty well ) , and I got a second thoughts and went to feature writing (well, it was okay..), and like I remembered I just ended up with cartooning.

end the drama, my teacher picked me to do the job (writing editorial) , so I need to do it (even if I totally hate it)

screw this, I’m going to do photojournalism instead.

trees, nature and sunsets.



I don’t know why I like taking pictures mostly of nature (and it’s always when it’s afternoon). I don’t know if it’s because of the colorful pinkish-clouds that spread on the sky, the reddish sun that is seen on the horizon, or the cool temperature. I want to take pictures when it’s sunset, where the trees block the light of the sun, making the tree itself dark. I’m not really an expert in photography, nor my camera is not really camera for professionals.. No really, even if you look on my Photo gallery on tumblr , you’ll see. it’s mostly filled with nature stuff.

So, now, I’m working on my revision of my editorial for my school paper, so, I hope you don’t mind.¬†