Trashing out the bad habits.


I have so many Bad habits I need to trash.

1. Procrastination- this is a Major Problem in my studies. I can’t stop procrastinating. When I do homework, I’m like “nah, I’ll just do it after I finish using the computer.” then after that, I’ll get hungry, watch TV, take care of my baby brother, and forget it completely until somebody reminds me. (it takes a long time for me to remember some things i need to do especially when I’m very distracted.) When I was in grade school I never procrastinate until we have another “new” computer, I’m always  attached to the it, and forget to prioritize things.


2.Overreacting – this is what my friends hate about me. Sometimes I act so childish, I exaggerate to the part that I’m overreacting. One time the teacher already told us that the field trip is coming up, and she already said the date and the venues. I was so happy I jumped and jumped and screamed like a fan in a rock concert, and my classmates are just staring at me and looked so confused. Another time I saw a frog in our classroom (under my chair) and I was so scared I freaked out and squeezed  my seatmates’ hand.

3.copying – no, It’s not copying answers in class, I often copy my classmate on the way they dress or the way they draw. It kinda ticks them off.





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