Your Daily Meme


If i have not yet mentioned this, I have a tumblr account, it’s this.  I always see Memes, Comics around my dash, and I always see this :

hmm, let's see: there is Pedobear, Rage guy, Forever alone guy, trollface, smiley, Y U No guy, cereal-eating guy, challenged accepted guy, LOL guy, "okay" guy, f*ck yeah guy, and Others.

Not only on Tumblr, but also on other websites.

It has been like an international symbol for the internet, when you can’t explain what you think you want to say, and you see this memes and you’re like, “hmm! that’s exactly what i want to say.!

sometimes, Memes get me thinking (like philosoraptor)… like this:

Even Obama has a Meme:

hmm.. not bad.. what do you think?









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